Tirare. Bardiani CSF per TWS. Paolo Simion nel bignami del ciclista in corsa. Puntata 7

Episode 7 Opening the way aka “tirare”.

«So when you hear from the radio, “YOU! OPEN THE WAY!”, it means that you have to push on your pedals as much as you can, bowed, going full gear. Literally you have to draw your team to the riders ahead of you. Helping to earn meters». No jokes admitted, no wasting time. You have to step on a gas.


Fuga. Bardiani CSF per TWS. Paolo Simion nel: Bignami del Ciclista in Corsa. Puntata 6

Episode 6 Breakaway aka “Fuga”.

When they say «You! Today go for a breakaway!» at before race meeting, it’s not a big deal. For someone could be the icing on a cake, but truly, trying a breakaway it’s a hard thing. Because every time you find yourself for a breakaway there are so many riders that are trying to go for it too. Elbowing their way through, stepping on everybody toes, pushing and pushing. And if you find a small climb on your way, well you can die! It’s really really hard. So when you hear «Go for a breakaway!», you know that it will be a long day ride.

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Bardiani CSF per TWS. Paolo Simion nel: Bignami del Ciclista in Corsa. Puntata 4: occhio

Occhio: Episode 4

You say OCCHIO to say be careful there is something dangerous. A bidon in the middle of the road, a rock, things like that. You shout «occhio!» and everybody into the peloton can undestand. It’s an universal word. That’s because in Italian we say «stai all’occhio» that means keep your eyes shut, be clever. Well you could also say «Allocchio!» yes, that means you are talking to Mr. the chief of the Giro d’Italia (Stefano Allocchio)!

We decided to publish our video today even if this buzz about Bardiani CSF, and we choose this word for the only reason that we want to keep our smile on. We don’t want to say to much just guys, cheer up and go on with this epic race, we will be with you for the whole Giro. Even if it’s a sad moment and you’ll be two less, keep you stronger than ever.

Bardiani CSF per TWS. Paolo Simion nel: Bignami del Ciclista in Corsa. Puntata 3: Doppia Fila

Episode 3: Double Parked

«It’s allowed, if you are on two wheels only. You can ride double-parked, but you are not parked indeed! I mean, you ride in a double line oriented. Well it’s a trick to be faster in a breakaway or to protect you when wind blows heavily. Actually there are two lines of riders that relieve each others. Together, as one. Result? Maximum output with minimum effort.

Bardiani CSF per TWS. Paolo Simion nel: Bignami del Ciclista in Corsa. Puntata 1: Acqua

Episode 1: Water

«Water is essential. Whitout this element you have only two hours of endurance then…the gear can’t move. Without water you can’t sprint. Never. So you need water, and you need that someone give it you because you are pedaling. Here it is the team car ready to pass your bottle…in the meanwhile giving a push…but this happen only to the sly ones. I mean this is not fair even if a free cab lift is always helpful!»

Paolo SimionBardiani CSF Team

Bardiani CSF per TWS. Paolo Simion nel: Bignami del Ciclista in Corsa

Usi, costumi e, soprattutto, idiomi del ciclista in corsa. Li racconta a TWS in 10 puntate Paolo Simion della Bardiani CSF team compilando per noi un Bignami del Ciclista in Corsa. Sì, perché il ciclista, quello in corsa, italiano, parla una lingua tutta sua. Anzi due. Quella dei gesti, universale, (ma questa è un’altra storia) e quella parlata. Poco. Urlata. Molto. Si tratta di frasi brevi, più che altro idiomi. Parole rubate al Devoto Oli e usate in modo totalmente inappropriato. Forse. Di fatto ridestinate a un signidficato che era lì. Sospeso. Bastava guardare meglio. Ventaglio, tirare, occhio, blocco…Quando le pronuncia un ciclista, che sia chiaro in corsa, assumono un significato nuovo, ma non estraneo. Sottile. Divertente. Epico.

The cyclist, the racer, the Italian, speaks a special language. Made of idioms. Words stolen from the Italian Dictionary. Some of them well known all over the world, some other, less. But the point is that racing cyclist own this vocabolary. Unique. Grabbed from the every day spoken words. Ironic. Quick. Smart. From today in 10 episodes Paolo Simion of Bardiani CSF will unveil us this language, building a Cliff Notes of the cyclist, the racer, the Italian. Stay tuned. Ventaglio, tirare, occhio, blocco…For all of you foreign friends we will try to translate these idioms. We said try. Please be patient it’s not easy!


Paolo Bravini for TWS

He put his face into the wind. He has nothing to explain. There is no cage to be forced into. The world is his path. He is anything else than a curious vagabond. His legs boost up the power to conquer the hardest road, rolling into beautiful landscapes and frantic metropolis. But who is this free rein spirit? He is a Devil on the run. A Pixie on the Earth. Turn up your nose and look at his feet. The Gypsy Rider. Hey Lord catch him if you can!

We wanted to go an extra mile for our champion Paolo Bravini, making a unique sock inspired by the secret tattooed on his ankle.
Made with a special reflective fiber that gives off stardust and makes you safe during your night joyridings. Do you want to feel free as Paolo is? Well grab that socks, pull them up and go on the road with Paolo, watching our exclusive film.