A Merino Wool cycling socks collection


Giving our attention to all those who love cycling, we created this small collection of finest Merino Wool cycling socks. The Line collection. Realized in Italy selecting one of the best Merino wool fiber, on the market. These Merino Wool cycling socks keeps you warm, allowing comfort and high breathability. They are antibacterial, eco-friendly and natural.

Discover The Line Collection

The line. The line is the road. Continuous, Incessant, Uninterrupted. Endless. Perfect tarmac that melts under speedy wheels spinning smoothly like ancestral energy. The line is the road changing color tone while struggling on the pedals. The line is the road. asphalt coming alive like a kaleidoscope. The line- on fire changing its color to red passion and calm changing its color to an hypnotic green.

The line is the road that looses itself to its seamlessness. Becoming climb and then slope. Dirty. Dusty. Gravelly. The road is the line. The line disappears. Escaping from itself even if it is always there. The endless sketch of a mental ruler. The line is the road.