A short chat with Pete


A short chat with Pete from In Gear shop in Forest Row East Sussex UK were we just landed with our Wonderful cycling Socks.

What is necessary to be on a road bike?
Style,looking good and preferably going fast!

Coppi or Bartali?

What we can learn from the past?
Don’t take drugs

Who is your favorite champion?
Bradley Wiggins

Strange things happened to you during your carrier, the oddest requests?
Ice cream…Golf balls…Milk shake..Refund…Border Terrier pup..

What is the Linda McCarty team?
Linda Mcartney foods sponsored pro team .Director Sean Yates with Bradley Wiggins and Chris Walker winner of 4 stages Settimana Bergamasca 91 (Lance Armstrong overall winner)

Your motto?
Ride bike…Race,..Ride bike..with style




Pete Roberts

Pete Roberts