Adam Hansen, not “just” a cyclist


Adam Hansen, he is not just the winner of a stage at the Giro d’Italia 2013, he is not just the winner of a stage at the Vuelta 2014. Adam Hansen is just a genius! He invented the lightest shoes for cycling ever, even Specialized studied his project. But he’s not just the inventor the lightest cycling shoes ever, he also created CPAOCS (Cycliste Professionnels Associes Online Communication System), a place that where Pro riders can vote on question of interest anonymously. Brilliant! Riders can express their views avoiding sponsors issues.


He started riding MTB, winning one of the best and hardest MTB races in the world “The Crocodile Trophy” the Paris-Dakar of MTB. Then went to road bike. His brilliant personality was key player of one of the memorable episode in the peloton, “the bidon beer”. During Giro d’Italia 2014 he exchanged his bidon with a bottle of beer that a fan gave him. From 2011 Vuelta he took part of every major tour. Adam Ansen, not just a man, a legend.

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