Alvaro Cuadros Morata cyclist from Caja Rural Rga

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A little chat with our Spanish amabassador Alvaro Cuadros Morata cyclist from Caja Rural Rga U23 team. A young man with a dream, being a Pro. He is focused and he is working hard to reach his goal. In the meantime rides and rides, smile a lot and drinks double coffees. 

Why cycling?
Because I feel free on the bike and I can go far away with my bike!

When & how often do you ride your bike?
Normally 6 times on the week and one rest day, always in the morning.

How do you feel when riding your bike?
I feel free and very happy when I’m riding my bike, because I can enjoy a lot of beautiful views and feel  the wind on my face.

What’s the purpose of cycling?
I would like to be pro rider next year, try to be pro rider lot of years and improve every year.

Do you prefer soloride or with company?
I prefer ride with company, but depende of my training normally I have to go solo.
How did cycling change your life?

Who is the greatest cyclist ever?
For me Alejandro Valverde, he is good every were (climbing, sprinting, classics..) and in a top shape from february to september.

Who influenced your way of cycling?
My old brother and my uncle, they were cyclist when I was young and I came to the races to look them, I was celous of them because I really wanted to try racing and finally I try.

Which are 3 climb of your life?
Monachil, and all the climbs around Sierra Nevada. I have this climbs 15 km from my home and this climbs are long and step like I like!

Espresso or cappuccino?
Doble espresso always

What about style?
Is nice to have style on the bike, and is much easier when you wear The Wonderful Socks!!

Stage races or monument?
I prefer stage races, but I love spring classics of the Ardennes

Best race ever?
Tour de France.