Our Amazing Team

Some of the craziest people in the world have joined us
in order to start a new challenge.

Jeremy Santucci

Professional model
He is the man behind the «angry cyclist». A beutiful man. An expert fixie rider. When on bike he is a tarmac-thirsty. Full of passion. Off bike Jeremy is a lovely man and a bike maker. He is an expert about bikes. His supernatural sense of aesthetics together with his own ability in craftmanship are well known in New York.

Julia Kristin

Professional model - cyclism influencer
5’11 feet of beauty, brain and will power – that’s Julia! There is nothing this girl can’t handle. She has character and loves the impossible. Julia is a grimpeur, with steep climbs being her favorite. Next season racing? Why not?! Catch her if you can cope with her infinite legs.
matthieu bardou the wonderful socks

Matthieu Bardou

Cat lover & addicted grimpeur
Matthieu is pretty young in cyclism but he always loved beautiful things.
He rides a french titanium handmade bike because he found on this weapon all he needs on the saddle. Matthieu loves to lost himself in little mountains roads where he can only hear his breath fighting against the road rising.

Marco Merati

IT and grimpeur
He started many years ago with a “shitty”, “lovely” first mountain bike going in the woodlands near home. Devotion growed up and he became a downhiller and enduro rider but the passion for climbing and suffering was too big so he started his relationship with a road bike. This was definitely the beginning of the end!

Alvaro Cuadros Morata

Continental pro rider
Alvaro has a huge skill: ability to sum. Please listen to what he told about him: «My name is Alvaro Cuadros Morata, I’m 21 years old and I was born on April 12, 1995. I live in Granada, Spain. I am sub 23 rider of the sub 23 rural insurance box RGA. My hobbies are going to the mountain to disconnect!» Congrats Alvaro, we already love you!


Owner of a digital agency, serial entrepreneur, lawyer
Gio, Max and Simo live in the beautiful Como Lake! Their goal is to share this passion for cycling showing the beauty of places they ride, at lunch break or in the weekend. Bormio is their second home, better Gavia, Mortirolo and Stelvio are! Catch them there in Summer or in the most amazing Granfondo around the world.

Nara Ishikawa

Illustrator - Cyclist cap addicted

Since she arrived in the UK from Brazil, in 1999 she struggled with the weather. Years went by and that period from January and February still get to her. She did figure out a few things that make a huge difference as she’s given up on adapting. In cycling, people who only go out when the weather is good are called «fair weather cyclists».

paolo bravini the wonderful socks

Paolo Bravini

Lab rat - Fixie rider
He is an Evil on his Cinelli fixie. Also called Bludado is a spunky guy. There is no mud, rain, dark or f****ing wet grass that can stop him. His life is on two wheels.  The bike is a religion and the road is the Bludado’s temple.  Don’t tell him to stop, you could probably risk our hide.
Camilla Lundberg the wonderful socks

Camilla Lundberg

Cyclist (snow specialist)
Camilla, from the north of Sweden, fell in love (big time!) with riding in 2013 and has been a hardcore cycling fan ever since. A well-known face in Swedens cycling community, and always eager to make up new plans for developing the cycling scene here». Promoting womens cycling is one of her biggest priorities.
manuel buck the wonderful socks

Manuel Buck

Engineer & Grimpeur
His nick-name  mach_Bar  means everything is possible as no challenge is too big.  He has a big passion for steel bikes, riding long distances and collecting mountain passes. All to be done in style, the right sock height, a big portion of panache and smile. Recently upgraded with a #handlbarmoustach.
julia wittman the wonderful socks

Julia Wittman

Researcher - Cyclist
Julia is… incorrigible. Don’t be fooled by her short stature, she is an undeniable force of nature. A passionate cyclist since the age of 5, Julia fell in love with fixed gear in 2009 and never looked back. On the weekends she goes absolutely berserk on her bike, taking long rides  and participating in high antics. Fueled by coffee, bananas and the occasional beer.

toby willis the wonderful socks

Toby Willis

A lover of big hills and big miles. AAA Super Randonneur, Grimpeur and two time ‘Everester’. Known for using the word, “Wow” far too often. Up at 4am everyday, almost without fail, to steal some extra miles on the commute. Wind rain or shine. Road bike or single speed. Its all about the bike (and the socks….defo don’t forget the socks—Oh and the hills).

Narissara Inthavongsa

Professional model - yoga cyclist
She started cycling to get fit, you know a runners-up of top 12 of Miss Universe, has to be beautiful. Besides she is a sightseeing and freedom lover. So cycling is the best practice to fulfill her needs. She is ironic and does funny things. It’s a color of her memory. You will see her in some unbelievable poses with her bike. That’s all, she loves cycling.
matt stansbury the wonderful socks

Matt Stansbury

Graphic designer - Passionate cyclist
“I love to work hard and play hard on the bike” this is his mantra. He is known as Mattoo or Glorious.cc. His completely tattooed legs covered an impressive 26,000km last year, a feat in which he entails to complete again. Cycling is his religion, but also cake comes a close second to that! Amen

Chris Hall

Designer - Endurance cyclist

Chris set him self challenges. Each time more and more unrealistic. He makes them daunting, often terrifying. But it doesn’t matter how hard they are becausehe shares his journey; his family and friends are the backbone of what he achieves. Chris rides to work, the shops, sometimes across the country. He ride always..

mae gurene the wonderful socks

Mae Elizabeth Gurene

Photographer & Digital Marketing Manager
Mae is a gorgeous red lips girl whose races cyclocross. Although new to the competitive side, she has learned a great deal already and firmly believes to «trust the process» especially on rough days. When she isn’t on the bike you can find her doing yoga, taking photos or feeding her chocolate addiction.
julia favero the wonderful socks

Julia Favero

Audiovisual post-production coordinator - Grimpeur
Rumors say that she owns more bikes than furniture! Can you imagine how is her home? She is an audiovisual post-production coordinator, but, above all she is addicted to climbing mountains and always ready to beating her personal records.
And don’t be cheated by her sweet blue eyes, she fixs flats faster than you!
gazzelle on the road the wonderful socks

Gazzelle on the road

Running coaches
They are Paola, Nicole, Maria, Isabella and Claudia. Free spirits. The Gazelles! Five girls
that share a big dream: run the world with their tapered legs. You well heard guys. We are talking about conquering the world. No joke. They have the mojo indeed.
There is no question, they can’t avoid this natural instinct to run because it keeps them alive.
Jirka Parizek the wonderful socks

Jirka Parizek

Photographer - commuter cyclist

His name is Jirka, Jirka Parez in one word is smart. A magic mix of elegance and passion, for cycling indeed. Mostly road cycling but he loves to go wild on trails with his full suspension bike too. Can we tell you a secret? He is lust for these long riding on the Moravian Karst. By the way he is also a great photographer!

roberto nava the wonderful socks

Roberto Nava

Running coach
Roberto is a marathon runner, triathlete and a professional blogger. Sport is the only one reason of his life. He is a running shoes guru, testing ’em by the thousands. His shoe rack is bigger them Jennifer Lopez ones. Addicted  to tech and to everything that will keep him connected.
lea rovinsky the wonderful socks

Lea Rovinski

Lawyer - Cyclist
Lea. What a beautiful name and what a beautiful smile! But who is Lea? She is a young lady, from a small in Sweden. A lawyer, to be precise. But why does she ride? Well, for fun simply. WRONG! To race of course! WRONG again, she does that only twice a year. Then? Easy peasy guys she does that to eat cakes and drink coffee.
marco vigano the wonderful socks

Marco Viganò

Senior Business Development Manager - Ironman
Marco is the boss. The one that forces his friends to compete in every extreme race he can find. And they follow him because friendship is doing something special and memorable together. Ecxel guru and keen on traings well scheduled. He run, swims and rides. Do you want to know a hidden secreT?His bike is made to blaze the road.
Simon Ebbe Hedman the wonderful socks

Simon Ebbe Hedman


Ebbe aka Simon; the chipper hobby cyclist with a passion for fashion is born and raised in Malmö, the south of Sweden.What thrives him is going the distance with fellow good guys and girls, but also hammer down the gas in races around. His cycling is his pursuit to happiness and he will never see himself not riding his bike.

jess may the wonderful socks

Jess May

Founder of www.spokeandwords.cc - Obsessed racer
Jess  fell in love with riding bikes when she moved to the UK from Australia. Basically, Jess loves getting out and having sick times on bikes. Bike is her obssession. Jess races road and track, and rides (pretty much) every day.  Bikes rule everything around her!
stian tveit the wonderful socks

Stian Tveit

Country sales manager - stylish cyclist
He love to ride bikes and eat chocolate. The last one is possible because he does the first. He is in love with cycling. You know why? Is there any other sport where style and performance are so related to each other? «I rather think not. It’s even more important to look stylish than be the first crossing the finish line». How can we blame him.
davide colombo the wonderful socks

Davide Colombo

Hotel manager - Ironman
Davide is definitely the tallest and the most photogenic amongst the ambassadors (the position is up for grabs). A great swimmer, he has to cope with his frequent starving regime. He loves training, but according to him “on a tropical island is better”

Paul Williams

Photographer - Cyclist enthusiast

His first road bike was to be the start of something big and after almost a year on the bike he found himself travelling around New Zealand for his bike packing cause 174 degrees. This ride will be the start of many bike packing adventures all over the globe. Where will Paul go next?

Julio López

Passionate cyclist
«My name is Julio, I have 28 years old, I´m natural from Granada Spain, Granada is a little but a cultural city, with sea and mountains, I haved studied graphic designer and now I work on it. I like animals and all nature, my favourite sport is cycling but I love drawing and do some type of art». Simple!