Catch TWS cycling socks at Bespoke Cycling

We are happy to say that The Wonderful Socks landed in Bespoke Cycling shop in London. A temple for cyclists. Here the world-class products are put together to make the enthusiastic cyclists’ dreams come true. Whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced sportive rider, an elite road racer, a Pro Triathlete. Whether you need a bike, apparel or simply a service support. The Bespoke staff will imagine your dream, considering your needs with its signature blend of wit, subtlety and ingenuity. In 30 Gresham Street  you can smell passion, experience, knowledge, innovation and reputation. Everything they sell is the best tool for the job, has a story behind it, and is something they had personally tried and tested. Bespoke is a reflection of the fact that they truly love cycling.