Celebrating the Tour de France

Whether or not it’s the biggest race in the world, the Tour de France is epic. The caravan. All that yellow everywhere. The polka dot jersey. Climbs and descends. Sweat and pain. C’est la France! Les Allez allez surronding everybody.


Grimpeur. Flamme Rouge. Musette. Bidon Collé. Hors Catégorie. Le Peloton. And if I say Le Soigneur? «Omg it sounds so serious!» In a way that is true. «What is this language?» Your attention please. First don’t panic it’s a matter of lingo. Second listen to us, it is typical French cycling slang . Simple. Third, check these out:


La Grande Boucle-  The Tour de France – (nickname)
Le Peloton – the bunch – (when they suck the wheels)
Grimpeur. climber- (hardass indeed)
Flamme rouge – the flag at the last kilometer of a stage – (thank god it’s the end)
Musette – the tiny bag where you put you secret meal
Bidon Collé – the moment when the team car gives you the bidon – (make or break time)
Hors Catégorie –  he who climbs out of the rank – (the toughest)
Soigneur – the people – always spurring, sometimes crying

Let’s Tour people!
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