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Let’s us telling more about our ambassadors Gio, Max and Simo aka Bike Like a Laker and their passion for cycling and some other stuff.

How was born BKLK?

Gio had been thinking of launching a blog about cycling for some time. He never got round to doing it since he is always very busy. After few rides together he told me about the blog and the social media around it and we did it!

Where do the name come from?

We all are from Lake Como so that is why we bike like lakers. We also like a famous radio program which organizes a running event every year in Italy, it is called Run like a Deejay, we took inspiration from there: the event is quite a popular one and it is all about having fun, rather than about competing. And we liked that spirit of having fun while doing sport at a good pace.

How did you meet?

Gio and Simo are brothers, I am the long-lost cousin they now ride with, more seriously, I moved in an office next door to Gio’s agency (they are really brothers1).

What is bike for you?

I started road cycling only 18 months ago. I truly enjoy the mental and physical challenge and I like touring places where streets are closed just for us. In the London Prudential Ride I had the chance to see London in a new light and this is true for many other places where we run Granfondo.

Most beautiful ride on a bike?

My most epic ride so far it’s been the Mallorca312 last year, what an experience: the three of us starting under the rain and finishing 11 hours later almost in the dark. That was not only my most beautiful ride but probably my most epic sport achievement ever!

Toughest climb?

The Stelvio climb during the Stelvio Santini granfondo, this ride ends on the Stelvio pass.
After riding for 110km I felt dehydrated, I started the climb to the pass in such conditions and I felt lucky to get to the top! On the last 5km at 2.500m I started to have cramps, quite a painful experience, therefore quite unforgettable too.

Why do cyclists love cats and coffee?

How did you guess? I own a cat and an expresso machine, I did not know I was one of many. I have a few ideas about caffeine but cats…I did not know I was not alone in watching videos on cats on Facebook to fall asleep.
Roadbike, mountain bike or cross bike? What`s your favorite and why?

I am now into road cycling, I love granfondo and the rides with clear streets (no cars). If I cannot get an empty road, I get on my MTB and head for the woods where I can surely find an empty trail.

How many cycling socks does a cyclist need? 😉

A rider needs a new pair of cycling socks for every ride. I love wearing new socks for the first time. If this is not possible, then we need quite a few: practically as many pairs as possible, enough to match all the different outfits.

Cycling- life-bikelikealaker-thewonderfulsocks