Davide and Marco aka the rebels of Santa’s half

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1st february 2015.
This is the first episode of the Hunt for Iron, starring Marco and Davide (also called the sport’s rebels).
 Santa is Santa Margherita.
A seaside location in Italy where our hereos headed to race a half marathon.
This race was scheduled to train for their Iron man challenge on June. The marathon was also an excuse to eat the famous Recco’s focaccia.
Santa is a sunny and warm place. Untill Marco and Davide arrived last Saturday.
This was the time that coincided with an ice storm suddenly hitting the small town out of nowhere. But nothing can stop our ambassadors, so, on Sunday morning, they woke up, pull their running socks up and threw themselves into the crowd of runners.
They managed to do really good runs in the cold sun and each set an excellent time!
Marco didi it in 1 hour 37 min and Davide in 1 hour and 38 min.
This is Davide’s personal best for this event Iinspired, we are sure, by our Seoul 88 socks. Keep running guys!