Deus ex Machina

We can’t say that, we don’t have to say that, honestly. We couldn’t confess that. We couldn’t be allowed indeed. The receips are always secret. You know that, there is always that particular ingredient, the one hidden by the great chef.

Let us to be honest, ingredients are essential for a good cocktail, and the way you mix them indeed. Mr Bond is an expert about that. This is why they ususally don’t unveil the dspecial one. It is their secret, but you know sometime he could reveal it.

So folk we are here only to tell you one of our secret exactly as the big chefs s sometimes do. Hush hush… we love Deus ex Machina lifestyle. Their idea of brand is terrific. It is simply, we are enthusiast about their philosophy, their street style, and the passion they use to cutomize everything. From bikes to caps.

And you know guys from now this love is mutual. At Deus ex Machina in Milan you can buy your new Wonderful cycling Socks, have a nice conversation with Umberto about bespoke bikes and pineapple agricolture and get one of the best drink that you can find in Milan.

Watch our interview to Umberto