Discovering 17TEETH cycling shop


Let make a little conversation with this amazing cycling shop in Shanghai

How was born 17teeth?
17TEETH brand was born in L.A. California of United States. It is first a bike brand especially customise building fixed gear and track bike. And now extended to road bike and urban bikes and accessories.

Where do the name17teeth come from?
17TEETH brand idea came from the fixed gear cog specification “17T”, this is the most popular nimber of cog’s teeth peoe use on fixed gear bikes. As it is fit for almost all chain ring teeth to make multi skid points when skidding.


Who are your clients?
Mostly are art designers, people who love riding and have their own idea on their bikes. Year range from 14 to 60.
In the Shanghai shop, 80{d2e2e6f73c18db6023fa78aa9e8e83f4e9a249a4b6d65971c978f3e6be827817} of customers are foreigners who work or study in Shanghai .

How is the Shanghai audience?
Shanghai 17Teeth bicycle shop opened in June ,2009 which is the first fixed gear shop in China. The new shop space was taken over from another famous brand Factory Five in 2016. Now we not only customising fixie bikes but also road bike, touring bike, gravel bike and urban bikes. We have a team crew who organises regular night ride every Friday night. And of cousre we supply bike fix bike tunning and bike postage service.

A big trend now?
Bicycle age is coming in CHINA, more and more people ride bikes and not only for commute but also for performance.

What does it means cycling for you?
Cycling means Happyness for me !