Federico Bahamontes the Eagle of Toledo

federico bahamontes

Federico Bahamontes is called the Eagle of Toledo. This champion is one of a kind. For this reason we decided to dedicate a special pair of cycling socks to him called Baha. But listen to his story.
This tiny, nervous, smarty man won his first race wearing a baseball jersey with a lemon and a banana in his pocket. A low fat meal. A miserable reward. What did he use to win? Legs and a powerful mind. Federico Bahamontes. There where no climbs that he couldn’t face. He was unstoppable. Federico Bahamontes is the one and only pro cyclist who made a breakaway on the Pyrenees. Unbelieveble a brakaway while climbing. Powerful. Strong. Untiring. Agile and ruthless like an eagle. He was use to ride with this weird way moving a lot hands, staying ahead, with his short pulled up on his nervous legs. Unbeatable on climbs.


He completed a career triple in winning the King of the Mountains classification in all three Grand Tours. So we can say he is still the King of the mountains. A disaster descending. No technic, fear was used to overwhelm him always. Once he arrived first and alone on the top of a mountain waiting his mates eating an ice crem, another he was so scared about descending that throwed his shoes away on the slope. Someone says that he did the same with his bike! The fear screwed him, always. But talented champions are always forgiven and Federico Bahamontes was and will always be the Eagle of Toledo. And we love him.