Gianbattista and the hour record backwards

It takes fearlessness to get first. It takes courage to get second. The courage you need when you’re there at 12 seconds, from who will win and you realize clearly that the champion will not be you. It is a crystal thought that shows itself in an incalculable time by a chronometer. That unaware evilly measures your detachment from victory. 12 seconds. Giambattista Baronchelli is remembered like this. For those few instants that separated him from Eddy Merckxs in 1974 at the Giro d’Italia.

A time that, for einsteinian purposes, has expanded, has become enormous, to the point of making one the Cannibal and the other the Eternal Second. But if there weren’t the seconds, the ones that are always after you, with thgeir warm breath down your neck, that don’t leave you until the end, the ones that hit the chronometers creating distances inversely proportional to your fame, the first ones would be ramings. Only alone.

Master of time dilation Giambattista Baroncelli nowaday dares the inexorable. Reversing all the rules of physics, he attempts a hour record backwards on track. That is to say, his target is to cover as few meters as possible in one hour. Or maybe his real purpose is an attempt to cover in one hour the distance that is usually covered in 12 seconds. Capturing everyone’s eyes on his ability to stand almost still on the pedals. Where in that almost unmade meters will be measured.