Gravelling in Emilia Romagna


The art of graveling is to put dust on your face and body but freeing your soul from everyday life problems. That means freedom in its most pure state. That condition of innocence that only children can know…this discipline is an art form because it unconsciously regenerates the mind. And the people from Emilia Romagna know all about this philosophy of life. Get rid of everyday problems, enjoy every single moment with all your senses. And it was in Romagna that we discovered how beautiful it is to cycle on dirt roads. And how many there are.
We did a three-day ride, thanks to #InEmilia Romagna Cycling-Terrabici wandering for kilometers along canals, facing fords, quite difficult descents and equally demanding climbs.


Dust, sun and sweat. The discovery of such welcoming territory was a real surprise. In addition to the off road routes, we visited villages, wineries, farmhouses, and saw people, people with the desire to welcome and make you feel cozy. There are three recommended routes to do, below the links, all fun and within everyone’s reach, especially using an electric gravel bike. Without prejudice the fun is guaranteed.

emilia-romagna-gravel-the-wonderful-socks-cycling-sport-socks-0The program

Ours was a real bike tour in Emilia Romagna that made us discover the beauty of this region, which has been investing in cycling tourism since many years.

The first day included 60 km with 766 m of altitude difference, mainly on white roads. Among hills, countryside, vineyards and olive groves, fortresses and fortified villages with a rich past. wonderful sites from the historical and natural point of view.

The second day was about 80 km with 800 mt of difference in altitude from Riccione up and down gentle hills to the Rocca di Verucchio, among sunflowers, vines, hay bales and golden wheat fields.

The third day was from the sea to the mountains to the sea. F8rom Riccione to San Giovanni in Marignano then towards Tavullia, among white roads and coloured fields, steep cliffs and enchanting landscapes along the cliff of Monte San Bartolo to reach Gabicce Monte.


The Places

Bike hotels
Hotel Adlon in Riccione
Hotel Fedora in Riccione
Hotel Dory in Riccione
Hotel Gambrinus in Riccione


Medieval village of Mondaino
Borgo San Giulano
Retroborgo restaurant 

Azienda Agricola Frontali “Il Germoglio”

Via Panoramica Gabicce