How to wear a cycling cap

cycling cap thewonderfulsocks

Cycling cap is a must for a cyclist. If you were it you don’t need to make a word. You are a cyclist. No doubt. There is a philosophy around how to wear it, because it tells a lot about your style. I mean how you dress, but most of all how you ride! It is also an essential piece of your kit.

There is a preliminary remarks: cycling cap was the distinctive sign of champions in ’60,’70 and ’80. The men on the podium was used to wear it. Anybody can remember Eddie The Cannibal Merckx and his Molteni? Or Francesco The Scerif Moser and his Gelati Sanson? It’ a matter of fact the cycling cap is the cyclist crown.

Back to us, we have some simple tips about how to wear it:

1. Flip brim down or sun forward. Perfect while you riding because it will keep the sunrays, the rain, the mud (if you are cyclocross lover or you are racing the Paris-Roubaix) and wind out of your eyes as well as any kind of bugs.

2. Flip brim up or traditional rally way. With or without your helmet you look like the old outstanding cyclists. It’s a statement, you are a badass. Even if you have angel eyes.

3. The reverse way or neck protection. The cycling cap should never ever be worn backwards under the helmet, but if the sun is too shiny, if it is a hot day, you can do it just to protect your neck! If you don’t wear the helmet (this mean you are not riding) please wear it properly with perfect amount of luft and straight as an arrow.

4. Race spoiler. Well you are one of a kind! Do it only if you are very very confident on your bike, being a champion or ex-champion also helps. Anyway this is cute.

Someone says that cycling caps can be worn under helmets, but never when not riding. We can say that there is a time when is ok to wear a cycling cap is while directly engaged in cycling staff. This mark you as a part of community, if you have it on your head you are not a hip, you are a cyclist!

cycling cap thewonderfulsocks