Il Cinese

He was a badass. A cooky. Tight eyes (from were his nickname il Cinese is), hollow cheeks, slim as the real cyclist are. Ironic. Free as a bird. Luigi Malabrocca was the man that overturned the physical laws, using the sharp art of slowness to disappear into the forth space and be the last. Yes you heard well. Because he twice raced Giro d’Italia to win the jersey maglianera, the one addressed to the last corridor. But he wasn’t a loser, au contraire, he just wanted to be the first among the lasts. The champion is the one who distinguishes himself, only the first and the last stands out, all the others go forgotten. Barefaced Malabrocca! Foxy guy. He was a genius evaluating the time to arrive last without being banned from the rank. The master of the hole tire, able to hid himself in any kind of barn or moat, just to lose the perfect time. We doff our caps to the star player that was able to race backwards.