In Emilia Romagna

That Emilia Romagna was famous for many reasons, the birth of Marco Pantani, the famous cuisine that is still one of the great attractions of tourism, the coast with its social life, the playboys! but also the beautiful Val Trebbia. Today Emilia Romagna stands out also because it is one of the most bike friendly regions in Italy. It has so far decided to focus on cycle tourism, having done a great job with classic tourism. The election of Davide Cassani, Commissioner of Cycling of the National Team, as President of the Tourist Office is an evidence of this.

On the other hand, Emilia Romagna has a vocation for cycling, and an aptitude for the joy of living and respect for the territory.
But where does this vocation of the territory come from? This year, in 2019, the start of the Giro d’Italia and 3 stages in the region, the birth of the under-23 team to promote young people and the famous amateur Granfondo such as the Cervia Via del Sale or the Granfondo degli Squali, the most famous Novecolli but also the Granfondo di Riccione. It was then the birthplace of Marco Pantani, who made his territory the preparation ground for his great enterprises, the Cippo di Carpegna is in fact his ascent. Mythical to climb, it’s like pinning a star on your jersey.

Guests of the APT Emilia Romagna invited to know and pedal some itineraries that the Consorzio Terrabici has created and continues to promote in Italy and abroad, we cycled with some colleagues of Gentleman, Bicycling Brazil and the famous English Vlogger, Keira McVitty.

Departure from Riccione. Ready for the first itinerary that took us to San Marino, we crossed Faetano and Montegiardino in the company of the guides who, in addition to the support on the saddle, told us many interesting things about the local history and food and wine of the place. So, between one chat and the next, we reached the maximum point of height rise of the day. The small state of San Marino, where we are fed for lunch with typical local recipes such as Passatelli and Strozzapreti. To then return, satisfied, together with the transfer service to the hotel, thanks to the excellent organization dedicated to cyclists.

The services of Emilia Romagna for bicycles. A perfect system has been put in action to support those who love cycling, starting from the hospitality of dedicated hotels (bike hotels) with bike storage and maintenance services, to transfers with bike vehicles, to tour operators, up to the Terrabici consortium which, together with the APT, promotes this sort of holiday.

But our journey did not end in San Marino. The final appointment on Sunday was the Riccione Granfondo. Early departure because of the expected heat, we decided for the 140km long route 3000mt of elevation gain. A choice due to honor the Cippo di Pantani that we tackle together, without straining, enjoying the view and the mystical atmosphere. It must be for those few km at 23%. We reached the finish line tired but very happy to have shared, together, an experience like this.

All the itineraries of the internal routes can be found at this link with technical and tourist descriptions and you can book a guide