Le Maillot

There is Maurice Garin, a chimney sweep became the first winner in 1903. When the stages were for superheroes and the bikes as heavy as a fence.
There is Federico Bahamontes. A wild outsider frightened to death by the descends. Legend says that he through down hill his bike during the 1954 Tour rather than face the slope. In 1959 grabbed a bunch of bravery and won.
There is Marco Pantani and the Ventoux in 2000. The Pirate took that lift for the gallows and started a mercilessly duel into the sun with Lance Armstrong. Crossing glances, wheels to wheels, no pity, two titans facing each other. Bated breath, Pantani won.
This is only a taste of the Grand Boucle, 21 stages challenge, the flash at the start, the runaway of the sprinters, the claps of the folks hands, the sweat of the grimpeurs, duels, suffering, pain. We love it.