Le Vélo

It was a war between races. On the one side the Paris-Roubaix and on the other side Le Tour de France. It was a contest between brains fighting with words. Mr Pierre Giffard versus Mr Henri Desgrange. Le Vélo against L’Auto-Vélo, green pages versus yellow pages. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Listen to the real story. Inventor of the Paris Roubaix was Mr Giffard, brilliant mind founder and editor in chief of the main sport newspaper leading in 1900: Le Vélo.
Like every story of success, that of Gifford and the Paris-Roubaix had its own battles and enemies. In 1903 Mr Desgrange, founder of L’Auto-Vélo introduced Le Tour de France which soon blacked out the fame of Le Vélo and the Paris Roubaix race. Who did win in the end? Yellow pages won sock down, but the real winner were the two wheels.