What’s behind our socks: polypropylene


Each Wonderful Sock is made by first rate yarns as Polypropylene and Resistex Carbon. From today in some short episodes we will tell more about our sport socks, unveiling what is behind our style. This because we chase quality and innovation in order to take care about you, we want to keep you confortable, healthy and safe while you train.

We know that socks deserve attention and this is what we do.

Today let’s talk about PP in 5 points:

1. Polypropylene is the lightest of all fibers. It is 34% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon. It provides more bulk and warmth for less weight. Most of all it is lighter than water, and very soft to your skin.

2. Polypropylene fibers retain more heat for a longer period of time, have excellent insulative properties and combined with its hydrophobic nature keeps wearer dry and warm. Warmer than wool.

3. Polypropylene is hydrophobic and will not absorb water in the fibre. Water wicks away from the skin and through the fabric to the face for quick evaporation. Resistant to bacteria and microorganisms, like other synthetic fibers – nylon, acrylic and polyester –

4. Polypropylene fibers have the lowest thermal conductivity of all commercial fibers. In this respect, it is the warmest fiber of all.

5. Polypropylene fibers are not attacked by bacteria or micro-organisms; they are also mothproof and rotproof and are inherently resistant to the growth of mildew and mold. Recyclable so, ecofriendly.