Why we love Fabio Aru

As you can see we are from Italy so saying that we love Fabio Aru could be predictable. But there are 10 other reasons why we love Fabio Aru. So we want to tell you them:

1. He always smiles. He is a good tempered man.

2. He has the allure of the old champions like Fausto Coppi. Serious and keen on what he does.

3. He is bad enough to attach when is the topic moment.

4. He is competitive, fairly as the big champions are.

5. He has fair play. Fabio Aru respects his enemies.

6. He doesn’t tell a word when is not needed. Fabio Aru weights his words.

7. He doesn’t give up. Never. Even if he finds himself alone on the road.

8. He is a 100% grimper.

9. He doesn’t swear or say fuck but simply “mi girano le scatole” (polite way to say “fuck” or “they pissed me off”)

10. He knows what Tour de France, La Vuelta,  World Championships, Olympic Games and …Giro d’Italia are.the-wonderful-socks-fabio-aru