Manuel and the cyclists’ rituals


Cyclists have traits, no doubt. Better, cyclists have rituals. Some of them are shared by the community on two wheels, some others are character traits that make everyone of them unique. Someone have to shave his legs all over the year, no matter if it’s Winter and you don’t need to wear short bibs. Someothers need a coffee before every ride. There are no rules. But some common cyclists rituals.

About this important issue we had a short Q&A with our newcome ambassador Manuel Buck, jumpimg at the chance to introduce him to you all. Even if he is quite already a superstar.

Pre ride tea or coffee?-> Espresso (italian style not London style).
Sandwich or cake? -> Peanut Butter…gluten allergy :-).
Cappuccino is a duty for a ride break? -> What’s a Cappuccino? Espresso & Moustaches.
What about caffeine is good or bad for your heart? -> Caffeine is good for your soul.
Gloves long or short or no gloves at all? ->Best without gloves.
What do you wear before helmet or shoes? -> Haha…good one…shoes.
Socks under or over pants? -> Over…but ideally ride in shorts.
Sunglasses under or Over Helmet Straps? Over…along to the
What about a new bib to wear for an important race or challenge? ->No experiments before a big race…well proven gear.
Are there some kind of road that you avoid? ->Busy ones.
Any lucky charms or stuff you always keep with you? ->The Moustache 😉
The perfect number for team ride? -> A hand full.

Thank you Manuel we are very proud to have you on board!