Mud & Mae

In this short interview Mae Elizabeth Gurene debunks the myth about girls who usually won’t to get dirty with mud.

What does it mean CX for you?
First and foremost, CX is about having fun. It’s where I have met the majority of my friends in the cycling community and it gives me the opportunity to get really dirty while racing.

What are the most emotional moments in a race?
The most emotional race I’ve had was a few weeks ago when I won for the first time. I was shocked and wouldn’t believe it was true until the official results were posted. The race was the muddiest I had ever done and it took a lot of mental strength and talking to myself to finish strong

How a girl can cope with CX?
Anyone and CX can cope. The sport presents the ability to be very competitive or be treated as a hung-over workout where you take hand-ups the entire time. CX is whatever you make it! The biggest coping I have to do is deal with bruised up legs for a few months.

Something about cx that people must know
It’s SO much fun. To me, it was the perfect transition for someone who wanted to start racing but wanted to start at my own pace.

What you like most about cx?
The mud and the people. 🙂