Paolo Bravini for TWS

He put his face into the wind. He has nothing to explain. There is no cage to be forced into. The world is his path. He is anything else than a curious vagabond. His legs boost up the power to conquer the hardest road, rolling into beautiful landscapes and frantic metropolis. But who is this free rein spirit? He is a Devil on the run. A Pixie on the Earth. Turn up your nose and look at his feet. The Gypsy Rider. Hey Lord catch him if you can!

We wanted to go an extra mile for our champion Paolo Bravini, making a unique sock inspired by the secret tattooed on his ankle.
Made with a special reflective fiber that gives off stardust and makes you safe during your night joyridings. Do you want to feel free as Paolo is? Well grab that socks, pull them up and go on the road with Paolo, watching our exclusive film.