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The Wonderful Socks put the right foot in the perfect sock

Tecnical Info

Made in Italy

Each Wonderful Sock is made in Italy following the highest hosiery factory craft tradition. Everything is produced to a high standard to enhance your best performances.


We use first rate yarns only. Poplypropylene, a high-tech microfibre which is much more thermo-insulating them virgin wool. It spreads your sweat out 167 times faster then cotton to guarantee the best performance in extreme circumstances.

Resistex® Carbon is a fibre made from a unique and continuous filament of carbon and fabric fibres.

Highly breathable and incredibly light weight. Thanks to these enhancements the temperature of your feet remains stable, and any dampness is expelled very rapidly.

Clever twists

The knit is intentionally modified and twisted around the foot of the sock in order to eliminate sweat in a studied and effective way.

Compression ad hoc

The knit is designed to form an elastic strip that hugs the in-step well, in order to guarantee the best support in any circumstances.


All the seams are ultra-thin. Made with new-generation threads in order not to interfere with fundamentals parts on your foot.

Born to last

The socks are aimed at discerning clients. They are produced in three sizes to suit every type of foot. Toe and heel are reinforced to guarantee the minimum wear-and-tear. There i in-built high resistance on the ankle guard.


Conceived by renowed designers and made without compromise.

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