Red Hook Crit No2 in London is due. Let us telling more about our Team R3VO


Red Hook Crit No2 in London is due. Let us telling more about our Team R3VO.

This text was made by our Ambassador Julia Wittman

The Wonderful Socks is all about inspiration. Our heroes are all legends that have cycled off of the beaten path. We choose our treasured Ambassadors based on their uniqueness and interesting backgrounds. Which is why we are ecstatic to introduce our brand new multi-disciplinary cycling team “ Team R3VO”.

One of our passions at The Wonderful Socks is an intrinsic spirit of unconventionality. This is why it should come as no surprise that T3AM Revo is comprised of 4 emboldened and unique individuals. Our Wonderful socks not only tell a story, they weave a family tapestry based on the extraordinary past of cycling and the exciting cycling history in the making.

Team R3VO just made their debut on the fixed gear crit circuit, starting with the legendary Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn, NYC.


Keira MCVitty

Born and bred in the UK Kiera McVitty is already a legend in women’s cycling. Currently awaiting UCI approval, Kiera’s 10 years of dedicated biking certainly seem to serve her well. She made her debut on the Red Hook Crit scene in 2015 with the infamous team WHYBENORMAL? where she made her powerful pedaling known. The following year in 2016 her results were even more impressive finishing 4th overall in the girls category despite a technical difficulty in Milan. McVitty doesn’t give up, and when she’s on the track she gives it her all. This year Kiera is cycling full time, but chose to prioritize her road cycling, and going for UCI gold. Although she may be spending her “work” days on a geared bike this year, fixed-gear riding is a profound part of Kiera’s identity. We’re looking forward to what Ms. McVitty has up her skinsuit sleeves in the coming road race season as a part of team R3VO.


Tobias Lewis

French born Manhattanite Tobias Lewis is hard to keep up with, and not just on his bike ! A go-getter to say the least, Tobias will finish a climb on Mount Fuji on two wheels right before a quick change to make it to a modeling shoot. Originally a reputed Volleyball champ, he took up cycling two years ago and has already achieved impressive progression. It might be in the Lewis blood however, and perhaps a bit of fraternal rivalry may have been at playas his brother William is also a cyclist and part of the Revo Team.


William Lewis

Brother of Tobias, French born William Tobias is already a very decorated cyclist. Racing bikes for over 12 years, he is a Cat. 1 Elite road rider in France, making the  jump from Cat. 3 to elite in a mere 18 months, a tribute to his passion for the sport and desire for self improvement. No rookie to the fixed crit scence either, at the Red Hook Championship series last year, his results speak for themselves. Taking 16th position in Barcelona and 17th in both London and Milano, William’s consistancy is testiment to his dedication and self-discipline.


Jeremy Santucci

Though you may know him from his viral “Angry Cyclist” video that made the rounds last year after Red Hook Milano, there is much more to Jeremy Santucci is than a mere meme. Originally from Maryland, Jeremy spent a lot of time in the equestrian community which sparked his love for racing. Jumping on a different kind of steed at the age of 5 and began shredding on BMX and mountain bikes. Graduating to motocross racing in his formative years, it was the move to NYC where he was introduced to the thriving fixed gear scene. When not working shifts as a bike messenger or riding for pleasure, Jeremy began learning the art of wheel building under the wing of a revered Japanese bike Mechanic, Chari & Co where he continues to master his craft.

Thank you guys!