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This is a short story of a famous drink rather dangerous.Doping exists since the ancient Greece Era. But history tells that the modern inventor (better call him warlock) of doping is Mr. James Edward Warburton. Aka Choppy. His motto was «half and half». Half lager and half stout before racing. White lies! Do you want to know his secret? A mix of caffeine, strychnine, brandy, cocaine, arsenic and nitroglycerine. A bomb. A lethal weapon. It was for some athletes indeed. Powering the body with this kind of drinks is a human temptation. It’s all about winning. You can swallow anything you want but if you don’t have skills you get nothing. Because absolutely nothing can change a donkey in a thorough.


Size and packaging guidelines

Small, medium or large, this is the question. You don’t need to wait midnight and lose your shoe to seeks your foot size. Our simple guide can help you to find it in a while.
Small35 to 383 to 63 to 621.5 to 24
Medium39 to 426 to 86 to 825 to 26.5
Large43 to 468 to 118 to 1127.5 to 30.5
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Designed for training and racing all seasons, The Wonderful Socks are constructed in Polypropylene and Resistex Carbon. Innovative technological fibers. Breathable, resistant, isolating, lightweight, soft, antibacterial and comfortable. They are much more thermo insulating than virgin wool. Thanks to this characteristic function, your feet can be dry and warm in winter and dry and fresh in summer. These cozy socks are created to improve your everyday performances.

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