The Iron crunning and cycling socks

Since yesterday our Wonderful Socks are even Iron.

After a 100km run through the Sahara, they deal with a huge test: an Ironman. Thanks to our ambassadors Davide Colombo and Marco Viganò,whom fully formed more then one year of hard training and finally raced the famous challenge in Klagenfurt. What is an Ironman? As is complicated making it up, we give you here a short explanation.

What do you imagine when you think a long distance challenge? A Polar Circle Marathon? A couple of stages of the Tour de France? A swim through the English Channel? You are going astary pal. In one word an Ironman is: 3,860Km swim, 180,260Km ride and 42,195Km run made by yourself in less then half a day. A sort of Triathlon Marathon. You swim, ride and run as long as you can for honour and glory.


It becomes a mantra since you decide to train for that race. This is what happened to Davide and Marco when decided to face the Klagenfurt challenge.


Davide at the starting line

How do you know if you are an Ironman to be?
First, you have to be a stamina man, as Sir David Beckham or Matthew McConaughey are. Did you know that these two famous bad boys are good triathletes when they are out of the stage? Second, you have to be aware that the Marathon is your last stage, but must have first priority on your mind. Third, you need socks man. To ride, but most of all, to run. You don’t have any choice, you must wear socks and they have to be high performance. Because you put them on after your swim, when you are wet and hurry. For this reason, they don’t have to cause you blisters or rubbing on your wet feet. They have to be resistant, because you will stretch them pulling them up, while you change the kits at the end of each stage.

So getting back to our Marco and Davide, they are a stamina men, they know well what means run a Marathon, they have high performance socks. The Seoul 1988 were their mate during the Marathon. Well, since yesterday they are Ironman. Great job guys, we are proud of you.


Our Seoul 1988