Bardiani CSF pro team – The Wonderful Socks will be technical sponsor for 2017


Bardiani-CSF will be the first PRO-team wearing recovery socks made by The Wonderful Socks. Combining the PRO-Athletes knowledge, the touch of the brand and the Italian craftsmanship, TWS conceived a pioneering product dedicated to #GreenTeam.

A technical partner become essential for all the PRO-team cyclists and for all those are committed to cycling. Made to help the recovery, these socks are optimal also to face your everyday trainings.

TWS recovery socks for Bardiani-CSF have a specific design: seventeen green dots on a marble gray background, supplied by the statement «pull your socks up». A concept inspired by the seventeen corridors that are taking on the next whole season working hard to reach their challenging targets.

«When it happened the chance to work with a 100% Italian PRO-team, with the lower average age of the peloton, we grabbed it at once» says Riccardo Delconte Ceo of The Wonderful Socks. «This was a unique opportunity for us to create a product bespoke for all those who makes the performance his everyday work». Thanks to the Bardiani corridors expertise and to our style we made the #GreenTeam edition recovery socks, something new for our catalogue. Corridors will wear this unique partner after their races. Be closed to all these athletes is a further push to improve our knowledges».

«By now, no one PRO-Athlete can turn down the recovery socks» says Roberto Reverberi, Bardiani-CSF team manager, «thanks to The Wonderful Socks we have a high quality performing product. Engaging, that attracts in design. We are happy to have found a partner like this, able to deeply understand the PRO-Cyclists needs and, meanwhile, capable to elate our sportive endeavour».