TWS for Passoni Titanium fitting


Marzo 2015. Atelier Passoni.


Greedy for perfection.

Springtime. Sun. The perfect season for a cycling training. This is the time when the enthusiastic cyclist declare his good intentions to improve his condition.

Today The Wonderful Arenberg cycling socks went to Passoni’s atelier to join their holistic bike fitting. A special measurement technique developed by Passoni’s experts to approach the man-bike system.

The join venture between two qualified ex PRO, as Diego Caccia and Danilo Colombo are, and a next generation equipment as the Velosystem one is, developed the perfect measurements to balance the bike and improve the cycling performance.

The expert examined the pedal making a video shot, calculated the anthropometric values, evaluated the posture at rest on the bike. Tested the right lenght for the cranck, chosen and calibrated all the stands. And all the measurements were compared on a professional work bench (desk).

Passoni and The Wonderful Socks share the same passion for Italian crafmanship tradition. Because talking about materials and workmanship, Made in Italy is always synonimous with top quality and good taste.