TWS interviews Santa in Rovaniemi

Hey folk it’s Christmas time and all you NEED is love. True! But Santa told us that if you have also a nice pair of cycling socks or running socks your Christmas will be WONDERFUL. Moreover, he told us about this sort of Merry Christmas socks game. You wanna be in? Read below 😉
TWS: Are your reindeers ready to go around the world?
Santa: Ohh oh oh, yes they are! And there is a news, this year they are twice as much as they were last year.
TWS: Is that real? And why?
Santa: Yes it is, because the shipping fee is split in half. So it is 5 Euro for Italy, 10 Euro for Europe and 18 Euro for the rest of the world. So I need many reindeers to go faster.  Can you believe it?
TWS: What is your wise ADVICE for the perfect Xmas gift?
Santa: A small cadeaux, definitely polished, with a design pack conceived to hold up during long trips, I mean The Wonderful Socks are the perfect gift for all those who love sport.
TWS: Someone told us that you bought a bike last summer?
Santa: It is true, oh guys I must keep my belly well shaped, otherwise how can I do when Xmas comes and I have to wear my jacket. I rode a lot with my bike and my Wonderful RED socks.
TWS: Hush Hush, what the hell is this socks game we heard around?
Santa: Oh dear! It is simple. Buy a pair of Wonderful Socks, make a selfie, put it on your Instagram and Facebook page on the Christmas day, with the hastag #thewonderfulsocks. If you gift them, tell to your friend to do the same. So I can see how many of you guys I brought the socks. And I will repost three winners!