What’s behind our cycling socks: seams

After a bit of time we are back with our stories about what’s behind our cycling socks. Today we are featuring seams.

We all know very well that demanding cyclists stay on the saddle a ton of hours. Rolling a lot every day, all the week. For this reason we well know that bad seams could bother them a lot. There is nothing worst that keep on feeling that little pain on feet. Toe, back or fingers. Spoiling a nice ride with this inconvenience it’s a shame for sure. The mind starts staying focused on that torture. There is nothing else than that. And get everybody out of his mind. For this reason we give to seams the attention they deserve. To keep all cyclists, and runners indeed, relieved. Each seam of our Wonderful Socks is made with new generation threads that don’t disturb fundamentals parts of your feet. Made with ultra thin yarns to guarantee minimum thickness so they are ultra light. Almost invisible. Then they are checked one by one to verify they are made following this standard, if there is any little hole or if yarn isn’t fixed in a proper way.