What’s behind our socks: Resistex® Carbon


We are back with our stories about what’s behind our cycling socks. Today we are featuring Resistex® Carbon. We know that socks deserve attention and this is what we do. For this reason we studied what are the skills of carbon fiber and decided to use a cut of this ancient substance to build each Wonderful Socks.  So a very thin long fiber of Resistex Carbon is spread all over the socks.

But what about this yarn with unique technical characteristics?

1. it is obtained by the join of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material made of active carbon.

2. It is 100% natural, non-toxic, does not contain chemicals issues.

3. It is anti bacteria and anti pollution dust, has regards for your skin avoiding the risk of allergies.

4. It is shown that Resistex® Carbon increases the efficiency of technical sportswear increasing muscular performances of the athlete. The performance of the athlete, intended as the percentage of metabolic energy that the muscular system is able to transform into mechanical energy, remains constant and even tends to grow during the thirty minutes of effort wearing apparel made with Resistex® Carbon.

5. Resistex® Carbon prevent the discharge of electrical charges on the body, thus preventing muscle twitching, cramps, and fatigue.

6. It has high conductivity of Resistex® Carbon  that allow to improve the dispersion of moisture favoring sweat evaporation.

7. the increase in body temperature of the athletes who wear this fiber resulted three times lower and the concentration of lactic acid in capillary blood is 12% less in all those who wear Resistex® Carbon.

8. It is antistatic because of its conductivity, this yarn fiber absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated during your training.